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Buktrips is a hotel booking platform that sells tokenized hotel inventory. Powered by the Buk Protocol (a RWA tokenization protocol, built by Buk.Technology).

Sandeep Nailwal
Sandeep NailwalCo-Founder,
Polygon Technologies
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“Real-world utility of blockchain solutions will start slow and then grow suddenly. Hospitality is an industry that’s ripe for tech innovation with increasing demand from GenZ. With a strong enterprise and travel tech background, the team at Buk Technology is well-placed to drive this leapfrog moment. Our investment in them is a testament to the fact that travel and hospitality is an industry in need of innovation and this is the team that can make it happen.”
Diego Lufiedo
Diego LufiedoHead of Supply,
IOL, Ex-Expedia
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"I have seen this industry for decades now, and I know a disruptive idea when I see one. What Buk has launched has the potential to change the way travel industry distributes its inventory, while creating a strong value proposition for travellers and all intermediaries alike."
Ignacio Ibaibarriaga
Ignacio IbaibarriagaHead of Ventures(Travel + Web3), Ex-Hotelier, Ex-Expedia
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"Being in the travel industry and in Web3, am well aware of what BUK has set out to achieve. The transparency and composability that blockchain can bring can change the duopolistic markets that exist in the travel distribution space today. Travelers and Hoteliers are going to make some massive strides with resellable rooms using blockchain"
Simone Puorto
Simone PuortoAuthor, Travel Innovator, Founder Travel Singularity
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"The concept of decentralization assumes a pivotal role within the tourism sector, which is presently marked by an oligarchic structure, if not outright mono/duo-polistic, in virtually all of its manifestations. BUK helps in decentralizing this hyper-centralized industry. As I always say, Web3 is to Web2 what Punk Rock is to disco music. And the BUK team sounds to me more like the Ramones than the Bee Gees!"


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Hotel room bookings

Buk is an NFT-based hotel inventory distribution infrastructure
and secondary marketplace

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Buktrips is a hotel booking platform that sells tokenized hotel inventory. 

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Put your crypto to use and own real-world tradable hotel room booking NFTs.

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Buktrips x PolygonPunks – Official Partnership

BukProtocol: Driving tokenization in the travel industry

BUK Protocol is a solution stack of modular components which can be used to source, tokenize and distribute all “assets”.

Why Hotel Rooms Can Be a New Trading Asset?

It’s time to explore a new frontier in the world of investing: hotel rooms- an asset class having the potential to make 25–1000% .

Buktrips Launches Hotel Room NFT Trading on Polygon Testnet

Buk Technology proudly announces the live deployment of Buktrips Hotel Room NFT Trading on their testnet.

Partnership Announcement: Buk Teams Up with NeoSwap to Revolutionize Hotel Room

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Buk and NeoSwap AI that promises to reshape the hospitality industry.


BUKtrips.com is a tokenized hotel booking platform powered by BukProtocol that allows users to book and resell their hotel stays. BUKtrips offers accommodation options across the world with over a million inventories. Enabled by BukProtocol,  it brings users travel flexibility allowing them to resell their bookings, effectively addressing the issue of cancellation fees.

Booking your upcoming hotel stay on BUKtrips allows you to avail the benefits of blockchain technology. It tokenizes the booking which means you now have the right to transfer, share, or resell your booking in the open market. This gives the user more flexibility than ever before with their travel plans while democratizing ownership.

Meet our happy user Alice. Alice had travel plans for the Paris Tour de France finals in July 2023. Alice booked her hotel stay on BUKtrips.com for a stay at Clarionz’s Paris in April 2023. However, in May last week, Alice realized she would be unable to go due to work commitments. Alice then tokenized her booking and put it for sale on the BUKtrips platform. Voila! Bob purchased it and further was able to transfer the booking as a gift to his girlfriend who is traveling to Paris.

BUKtrips allows you to resell, transfer, gift, or share your hotel booking on our platform. In the event of non-avail, cancellation is not your only option anymore! Tokenization allows you to book your trips with Buktrip and avail a whole new way of traveling with flexibility and owning your travel in the true sense.

To search for hotels, simply enter your desired location, travel dates, and the number of guests on the homepage search bar www.BUKtrips.com. Click on the "Search" button, and our system will provide you with a list of available options to choose from.

Use the “Filter Search” on the left to refine your search results as per price, property types, and amenities desirable to you. After selecting, log in and complete your booking.

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Buktrips has partnered with the best in the industry to provide wide range of global brands to a single platform for you.

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Communities and partners we are proud of. Drop us a message at https://t.me/buktrips if you want to partner with us.